Monday, April 30, 2012

Bathtub part 2

A while back Bubbles started a project with our old bath tub (here).

The project is 'for the moment' finished.

The Bath has been planted out with colourful plants.

And the sink part of the project has been added beside it!

There is still a couple of things to do to totally finish what was started. We still need the cold tap connected up in the sink, to make washing dirty hands easier and to also connect the pipe that will run from the sink outlet to the bath so that the waste water waters the plants.

That will come later..... i think.......
Looks good though.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tins for the Market

New to the Another Step market stall is these gorgeous tins.

I've got tins in 3 different sizes & shapes. There is a large array of styles, below are just a very small sample of them.

There is some tall, rectangle ones. Perfect for pen/pencil holders. Or even Lego holders (that was one suggestion).

There is some round tins.

There is also some smaller rectangle, hinged tins.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter weekend

I know it was a while back now, but life has been busy as always.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We again when to Daylesford/Hepburn Springs for 4 nights.

We stayed in a different house than last year (and all other years) as we like to change it up every year and try new places - we already know where we are going to book for next Easter!

We stopped off in Trentham on the way up and had a great lunch at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Como Hotel was burnt down a few years ago, and currently runs out of their newly converted horse stables. The whole setting was so pretty. They have a large garden area, and encourage kids and dogs to have a run around. The food was very tasty.

Lunch outside at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

While in Daylesford/Hepburn we spent our time visiting the markets, walking to Hepburn Springs for lunch each day (with Miss Maggie of course), Bubbles & Maggie took a number of large walks (10+km), we lit the fire and enjoyed reading and catching up on 'rest'.

Farmers Market

Our House for the weekend

Hepburn Bath House - yummy lunches

Ready for a big walk

Walking off around the Daylesford Lake

It was another wonderful weekend in the twin towns, looking forward to visiting again next year, hopefully its just as relaxing ;-)