Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, we’ve been home about a week and a half now.
We are definitely back in the swing of normal life.

The day after we got home, Bubbles was coming in from out in the backyard and he yells out to Spanky, “Where are you? This is the furthest away I’ve been from you in about 5 weeks!”. It was strange to realise that for 5 weeks we had been with each other pretty much 24/7.

Before we left the US, Bubbles swore that he wouldn’t eat a French fries/Chip for at least two weeks after we got home. So far this has been pretty easy to do, helped by the fact that when we went food shopping we didn’t buy any.

Although it has been easy not eating fries, Bubbles has had Onion Ring withdrawals. Often at dinner, we would share a plate of onion rings and were becoming quite the Onion Ring Connoisseurs.

We really did have a wonderful trip, although it is hard to sum it all up in a quick answer when people as “how was your trip”.

We both loved our time at the beach. It was very relaxing, restful and a beautiful area. Probably most like our normal holidays are.

Our favourite city was New York City. Although it is busy and has lots of people, we never felt unsafe and had a wonderful time there doing everything we did and we weren’t rushing around too much.

Spanky got very used to driving on the other side of the road and since coming home has struggled a few times when driving. Window wipers on rather than indicator, wanting to do a long left rather than a short left etc.

We made another trip out to the airport on the weekend, to pick up The President and First Lady, who arrived home from their 3wk trip to South America and the Galapagos islands. We had Sunday lunch with them, Spankys grandparents and brothers to catch up and because Spanky’s brother, Patrice, headed off to the US yesterday and he will be gone for about a year.

In other news, Bubbles’ sister, The Keeper, is in the new tourism Australia ad. Funnily enough, she is the zoo keeper holding the Platypus. Good singing!