Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Market we go...

The other weekend Spanky decided to take a leap, and had a stall at the Ivanhoe Makers Market.

She had a really great day, meet lots of new people, had visits from family & friends and sold lots of magnets!

The stall is booked again for the next two markets (3rd Saturday of the month) and the date for the next market is Saturday 18th June (10am-3.30pm).

A HUGE thank you to Sam from Red Letter Studio for the push to do the market and for the logo!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miss MuddyPaws

Winter has not even started yet, but we find that we have to introduce to you Miss MuddyPaws already.

Its a bit of a tip of the hat to the Bond films, but its just oh so very perfect.

Who Me??
One part of the day that always makes me smile, is when i pull into the driveway when I'm coming home from work. I look through the gaps in our side fence to see if there is a little face standing there waiting for me, or if she will come tearing around the corner of the house when she hears the car. When her face goes up against the fence, i can see her eyes and the strip of white on her face. Lately, this strip ends up being not so white as Miss MuddyPaws likes to spend parts of her day with her head and/or paws in any small bits of mud that she can find.

We love her to bits, and are so used to her leaving wet paw prints on the lino in the back part of the house. If she is very muddy, she knows she will have to get a dry off, so often waits in the laundry to see if we are going to dry her paws off. We are very thankful that her coat drys off very quickly and the dirt just brushes away (generally onto our floors!!).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Weekend (better late than never!)

So, off we set, with Bubbles at the wheel

We had all types of weather during the car trip. Rain, shine, drizzle. Not bad for a 1.5hr drive!

We stayed in a lovely 2 bedroom house in Hepburn Springs. It had a fully fenced yard, so Maggie got to come with us on holidays. There was a wood fireplace in the lounge room that heated the whole house brilliantly!

Everyday we went for a walk into the main street of Hepburn Springs, which was about a leisurely 10min walk. Then in the afternoon we would take Maggie for a different walk: we walked around the lake at Daylesford, did a 3km bush walk to a lookout in Hepburn, went for a look at a blow hole created for mining.

We spent time together relaxing, eating at cafes, watching DVDs and reading.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Today, our little girl turns 1 year old!
Happy Birthday Maggie!