Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Parties

We had a busy weekend just pass us.

It was filled with lots of Christmas parties!!
We went to Bubbles' work BBQ, which as good and we just finished up before a big storm came.

We had a swimming Xmas party after swimming and lifesaving on Sunday.

Maggie & Bonnie
Then, we stopped past home, picked up Maggie & the picnic food and headed off to the park for the Dog School Xmas party!

After sitting around and eating lots of yummy food. It was time for the games. There was best dressed, best trick, fastest eater, most waggy tail, dog most like its owner. Between Maggie & Bonnie, they won 3 of the games.
Monty & Maggie competing in 'Fastest eater'. Oddly, Maggie won. It was a bit of a Bradbury moment.

Maggie doing her 'trick' - figure 8's through the legs

She Won!!!

Bonnie rocking the fancy dress! She won!


Bubbles patting Monty

Patrice & Lady L came and joined us at the party

Maggie & Bonnie - all tired out!!

It was a nice afternoon and Maggie was very very happy to see all her friends from school after being away for so long. We are sure she is looking forward to the new year and going back to school.

(This is not all of our Christmas parties - Spanky has already had 3 others, and has 2 more to go, while Bubbles had 1 more!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Wreath

I found this wreath tutorial on a blog a while back and decided that i would try to make one for our front door for this years Christmas.

I started this project a couple of weeks ago when i wrapped the polystyrene wreath with red wool (both purchased from Lincraft). Then i left it for a while as we just got really busy and there where other things to do (and i hadn't brought any felt yet for the next part!).

I came back to it this past weekend and finished it off.

I brought the felt on Friday, then on Sunday after swimming I sat down while doing the weekly TV shows catch up and finished it off.

I chose to use white & green felt. I cut the felt into strips then lay them out (with the biggest placed on the bottom - and as you can see, i cant cut neatly). I then did a running stitch through them, and bunched up the felt as i went (i used a 'super strong' thread, that i doubled over so it was super super strong). As you can see, i didn't make it neat, which was fine because once its scrunched up, you cant really tell how neat or messy it is. Thank god!

Once i had done the stitching and scrunching, i tied it all off, chose a position on the wreath where i wanted to stick it on, then whet crazy with the glue! i used PVA as that's all i had on hand, but a hot glue gun might work a bit better and easier (as the PVA gets a little runny).

Ta Da!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Peg sets

For the November market, i made 8 sets of these Melways peg sets, just to see how they would go, and if anyone would be interested in buying them.
Well, they where all gone within a couple of hours!

Some people liked them because they could send them to friends overseas (and have a little bit of Melbourne). Others liked them because they had only sons at home and it was more 'boy-ish'. Others liked them just cause they liked them!

So, along with the hundreds of glass magnets to be made this month (because i sold over 450 magnets at the November Ivanhoe Makers Market!!) , i plan on making more of these.




Monday, December 5, 2011

The GIANT drink bowl (& first walk)

Tomorrow we are back at the Vet clinic again, this time just for a check up with the Orthopedic surgeon to make sure Maggie's leg is going as well as it should. We have our fingers crossed that all will be well, as Maggie seems to be doing great.

This last week, Maggie got a treat.

Brand new Pools!! and it was just in time, as we had a hot day the day after we brought these.
Yah! A new Pool!

As soon as Spanky put these inside from the car, Maggie hopped into them and had a bit of a rest.

The next day, one of the pools went outside as it was going to be warm. Straight away it was used. As a drink bowl.....
Waiting for the water to go in it

Having a drink

Playing with the ball in the water

On Friday, we decided that it was time for Maggie to get out of the house and yard and go for her first walk in over 5 weeks.

Bubbles got her ready and she was very excited and could hardly sit still with the prospect of leaving the yard!
Getting her chain on

With holty on

Hurry up! I'm ready!

It was only a 10minute walk, but she seemed so happy to be out and about. We have since taken her out each day, but still only for short walks. We will gradually build up to longer, we just don't want to push her too much.