Thursday, September 2, 2010

A week in the life of Maggie

On Saturday morning, Bubbles called me outside and told me to bring the camera. So out i go, and what do i find? A puppy stuck behind a fence that is there to keep her out. The lattice plasic fence is about 1.5m tall and is around 3 ivy covered poles (as ivy isnt ment to be good for dogs). This would have worked except that we have a smart little puppy who happens to love leaves!
So she had managed to push up the lattice enough to crawl her way under, but the plastic wont bend back for her to get out. She was quite happy to be in there though, because there were leaves for her to play with.
We got her out, but had to get her to crawl really low as we couldnt bend the plastic much even with 2 of us doing it (we couldnt reach in and pick her out either cause the fence is too tall).

After all this fun (and a visit from Uncle Lucielle), she later had her first bath.
Which went pretty well, although she almost managed to get away from us twice. She didnt seem to mind the water too much (likes going to the pool and seeing all the kiddies from the Club who make her all nice and wet).
Maggie even had a hairdryer blow dry after her towel drying to get all dry. Then she got a nice pigs ear to eat infront of the heater for being so good.

When we came home from work yesterday and went outside to take her for her walk, we found a not so clean dog.
It was raining on and off all day, and the yard was pretty wet, so it looks like she had spent the day digging small holes and laying in them. Her whole belly & legs was just black with dirt and so was her white mo-hawk She had also gone around and put some of her toys in her holes, but not burried them at all. We just talk her for her walk to dry her off, then when we all got home we cleaned her up a bit, but she is still a bit dirty as we figure she could do it all again today!