Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing Giggles into our Adventures

We'd like to introduce Giggles into our Adventures.

Spanky has known Giggles since Giggles was about 6 years old, while for Bubbles its been about 8 years.

We swim with Giggles and have known her family for a long time.We are the people who gave Giggles her Giggles name. It is at the point that lots of people call her Giggles or Gigs rather than her real name. Even Adults. We're happy with it.

So, Giggles joined us on an adventure down to Sorrento (the beach) for the weekend.

We picked her up on Friday arvo, jamed her stuff into the car (Giggles mum and us were impressed at how much the little Honda Civic could hold) and on our way went!

Welcome Giggles!
Spanky driving
Maggie trying not to sleep

We were hoping Maggie would sleep in the car, and had specifically taken her for a play with Bonnie for an hour in the hope that she would sleep, but she seemed to think that her back seat buddy (Giggles) would do something that she would miss if she went to sleep - so she kept one eye open for almost the whole 2hr trip, and only snoozed the last 30min.

The reason we went down to Sorrento, was that a number of people from swimming were swimming in the Sorrento ocean swim (not Bubbles or Spanky, but Giggles was), and one of the familys had a beach house there that everyone was staying at.

Saturday morning saw us take Maggie for her first beach visit and swim. She had to be encouraged into the water with treats, but soon was ok with it all. She can swim fine and was having fun after she realised it wasnt too bad.

After lunch and a visit to the shops, we took Maggie back for a second swim and Giggles came with us this time. No treats were needed this time to get her into the water for a swim, infact as soon as she saw people playing water cricket out on a sand bar, she was swimming out to them ready to play.

On Sunday, everyone headed down to the beach to either watch or participate in the Swim. Everyone who swam did well and were happy with their swims.

Maggie was very well behaved and meet lots of dogs & puppies.

We headed home after some lunch, and were all very tired by the time we got home.

Spanky started back at work the next day, but Bubbles was home and says Maggie slepted all day for the next 3 days as she was so tired from the big weekend.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Jessica!!

So this week was Miss Jessica's (the Zoo keeper) Birthday!

I was appointed cake baker, with the request of Cake Balls (as per

So, as soon as i got home on Monday from work i quickly mixed up a Betty Crocker Devils Cake mix and popped it into the oven with just enough time for it to cook before i had to go to a meeting.

I was off work sick on Tuesday, and after sleeping the morning and some of the arvo away, i spent an hour working on the cake, which really didnt look like a cake!

So, Wednesday night, off Bubbles, Maggie and i went to have dinner with The Teacher, Golfer, Bonnie and Miss Jessica with this:

It went down well!