Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maggie's surgery - take 2

Its been a busy couple of weeks since Maggie's first surgery.

We managed to keep her 'resting' for two full weeks. A couple of times each day we did some leg exercises with her and encouraged her to start using her leg properly (try telling that to a dog! - you find yourself outside with her in the yard talking to her, saying "Maggie, use both legs." "That's it, put your foot down." "Slow down so you can walk on both legs." etc. and just hoping the neighbours aren't out in their yards listening!).
Maggie Crate bound

How she was holding her leg before the 2nd surgery

First scar after stitches out

When we went back to Dr Harry to get her stitches out, he had a feel of her leg, and told us "something isn't right here, there is too much movement". So the next day, Spanky & Maggie are back to see the Orthopedic Vet who did the surgery. She had a feel around, and also felt there was too much movement. The likely reason was the Maggie had popped out the pins holding her tendon in place.

Another 2 days later, Maggie is back at the vets and booked in for Xrays, with probable surgery that afternoon.

From the Xrays, it is found that she had popped both her pins out (one above the knee cap, and one below) that are holding her tendons in place so her knee cap is in the right spot. The vets have no idea how she was able to walk at all or use the left leg, but she was and she also was showing no pain at all (could comfortably get her leg up behind her ear to have a scratch).

So, she had surgery again.
Day 1 Post 2nd Op

1 day post 2nd op - the new incision & older scar

She now has longer pins in place and some wire to hold them in better. The vets think that just due to her size and the strength of her quad muscle she had popped the pins out within a couple days after the first surgery (there was no bone fusing, which tells them it was early on).

Its AMAZING how well she is now walking. Within a day post surgery, she was using her leg almost like normal and at her 4 day post op check up was walking perfectly, and only hopping a little when wanting to run. It makes us realise now that how she was after the first surgery wasn't right, but at the time we thought it was ok.

We had to do a mad scramble to organise some people to help dog-sit her during the day as we had limited notice that she would be having surgery. The Golfer & Teacher (Bubbles dad & mum), Lucille (Spanky's brother) and Giggles came to the rescue and helped out when Spanky couldn't get the day off work (Bubbles was away interstate).

Looking funny with her 'cone' on!

Last night we visited Dr Harry again (bit like De javu) and got Maggie's stitches out (again) and as of today, she is back to spending her days outside in the fresh air, watching the birds and snoozing!
Finally allowed in the backyard by herself

Still fenced in though - only a small yard to start with

If i wave at you, will you let me into the rest of the yard?

Leg after 2nd lot of stitches are out. Pretty special with two scars!