Thursday, December 23, 2010


Blinds that came with the house
Ok, so we moved into our house August 2009. We now finally have blinds in our rooms!

What we have been using as blinds/curtains for the last year.

About 3months ago I got a couple of companies in to give us measures and quotes. One company wouldn’t give us type of blinds that we wanted, so that took them out of the running, that left one company, who we were happy with on cost and why they provided and they came recommended.

So, in the middle of October, when I was off work for a few days cause Maggie had been desexed & I had an exam to study for, they came and installed the blinds.

The Lounge, Kitchen & Meals area blinds were put in first and they looked great! It was as good as I was hoping they would look. We chose to have Cellular blinds put in these rooms as they are good insulators (keep heat out in summer, cold out in winter) and when pulled up they sit very slim and are pretty much un-noticeable.

When I went to see the study and bedrooms blinds, they looks nice and how I was thinking they would look, the only problem was that the front (they are double rollers) sunscreen one was totally the wrong colour! It was a black colour and I had chosen an off white that was pretty much the same colour as the full block out.

So….. 6 weeks later and it is all sorted!! Yah!

Main bedroom
 Spare Bedroom
 Spare Bedroom

We had some issues with the main bedroom blinds as they had to be spilt into 3 because of the window size, and while one of the rollers was, the other was not, so we had our outside blind down for 6 weeks so that people couldn’t see in.

But its all good now.

Just in time for Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Maggie Update

This weekend Maggie turns 7 months old. She has grown so much since the last photos posted of her.

She is almost finished her basic obedience training, and has been doing very well. We practice with her most days after work, either when we take her for a walk, or after dinner.

She was de-sexed in October. With everything going very well. It was hard to try and keep her from running around, and she was very slow on the back steps for the first day (Spanky often carried her down).



She has her good days and her ‘devil’ days. Every day when the first person gets home, they go out side and see which type of day its been. Some days there is no damage to the yard, its trees/bushes, and any objects in it. Other days there is holes all around the place, Camellia plants with no leaves left on it and a cardboard box torn to shreds.

Maggie also has now got half a clam shell (from Bonnie) to use during summer on the hot days. She had yet to sit in the water, but loves walking through it and getting her paws wet and drinking the water. She also puts her toys in there too to get them wet then plays with them.