Friday, September 23, 2011

Fiji (Part 1)

Well, we are back home and in the ‘normal’ routine again. Why do holidays always seem to speed by too fast?

We had the most wonderful time in Fiji. The places that we stayed at where great, very luxurious and we are glad that we splurged a little and whet to them.

A while ago i posted about the places that we would be staying at. Well, that all changed. But we still went buisness class there and back. For the price that buisness class is, it was very worth it. we were able to sleep, use the qantas lounge, use personal inflight entertainment etc. Bubbles even slept on the flights!

Our villa

We first stayed at Vomo Island Resort, which is about 1.5hr boat trip out to (or about 10min by helicopter). We did the boat trip as we landed in Nadi at 6am, and the boat was at 830am, so the timing is good.


We stayed in a hillside/garden villa which was very spacious and had a lovely deck to sit out on.

The resort itself is on its own island, with no other resorts or villages on it. We basically spent out time resting, reading, swimming, eating, snorkeling (well, Bubbles did), sleeping and eating some more. Bubbles liked the snokeling trips that went over to Little Vomo Island the best.

Resting up in a hammock
Bubbles snorkling
The back side of Little Vomo Island

The food here was AMAZING!! Lunch was a 3 course affair, Dinner was 4 courses, and Breakfast was almost anything you wanted (they even did lobster omelette's!!). Dinner always started off with a small tasting of soup; at first we where a bit sceptical, as the air temp was still in the mid to high 20’s, but these soups were soooo goood! We could have happily eaten a big pot of them and nothing else. But if we had done that then we would have missed out on all the other food! After most meals, you almost had to roll the two of us out of the restaurant!

The beaches were great. The sand was so soft that when you stood on it you would sink about 20cm, even on the wet sand! Because there are lots of beach options, we found that if one side of the island was windy, we would pop over to the other side and it would be calm.

We did the hike up to the top of Mt Vomo. It is recommended to do it early morning or late arvo. We did it at about 3pm. We knew it would be hot and tiring. And it was. We had such red faces during the hike, and also for a while after we finished. We took up water with us, and boy did we need it! The view was wonderful though and we took many photos.

We enjoyed having drinks at the Rocks Bar, that overlooks Little Vomo Island. And the Meke night on the Thursday night was lots of fun.

Vomo also has a Turtle program, where they look after the young turtles until they are at an age where they can be relieced and are less likely to be prayed upon in the ocean. This is designed to help boost the turtle population, and it seems to be working.

When it was time to leave Vomo, there was some issues with the boat we were catching back to the main land and it was running behind schedual, so we didnt leave the island til after 5pm, and then had to go out in small boat to meet it. We arrived back at the main land at 8pm and stayed at the Raddison for the night.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whoopie Pies!

I thought that i would give Whoopie Pies a go.

For those that don't really know what they are (as i didn't until a couple of weeks ago!), they are a cakey-biscuit that sandwich together some sort of cream or icing filling.

The ones that i made where chocolate with a mint butter cream filling.
The cakey-cookies - yummy in their own right!
I added some mint flavor to the butter cream filling, and also crushed peppermint crisps!
These where very very good! I got The Golfer (Bubbles Dad) to taste test them with me and he liked them. Bubbles even had one the other night after dinner (this is very unique as Bubbles is a Type 1 diabetic).